Petits jeux indés

Here is a personal selection of excellent little games more or less known; for those who like to do a few sessions from 10 to 20 minutes, without time constraints.

(Understand without having to play 40 minutes before seeing a checkpoint)

Crawl (pc / Mac / ps4 / Xbox one / Switch)

Playable at 4 (solo mode is possible, other players are led by the AI, but it’s  funless). You lead a hero who must reach the end of the dungeon.

But haunted by the ghosts of other players who take on the role of monsters to kill the hero and take his place.

Awesome Pixel art, tons of weapons and monsters to unlock, monster levelling fun. Buy it, buy it back (on switch), eat it.

Cryptark (pc / mac)

A mix of shoot em up, infiltration, rogue like and RPG.
Clear enough? No. That’s normal.

Unlikely concept where the robbery of gigantic ships is planned using plans and purchased tips.
While looking to see if it is better to destroy the shield room first or the sentinel room that will be spawned if the alarm goes off.

All on board an armed exoskeleton with everything you could have bought with the help of previous robberies.

Dead Cells (pc / mac/ ps4/xbox one/switch)

A little gem from a French studio, which takes up the basics of Castlevania: Symphony of the night, with its multi-equipment gameplay and its capabilities that are unlocked as the game progresses to access other passages.

It adds a rogue like dimension, with randomly created levels, death that makes you start all over again but keeping the weapons and bonuses unlocked.

Add to that some beautiful 2D and all you have to do is fall in love.

Deep dungeons of doom (pc/ mac)

An excellent game, with a basic and terribly effective gameplay:

You play a character class in 1 vs 1, right key to attack, left key to block.

Add to that stats, opportune moments to type (and also to be countered), bonuses/malus, and a special skill per character if you leave the right key pressed. Fearsome!

Not a Hero

Totally crazy Run’n Gun, where the gameplay is essentially based on slides.

To get covered, to break down doors, to tackle people: everything is based on the slide.

Nervous, funny, full of stupid jokes, and replayable thanks to characters with different gameplay and internship challenges. What are the people asking for? To play it.

Risk of Rain

Action game packed with bonuses and characters to unlock that gets harder and harder as time goes by.

The more time you spend, the more you unlock items; the character’s rise in power becomes really exhilarating, but as the difficulty also increases with the past time you have to choose: either pick upgrades, or draw straight to the bosses… ge-ni-ous.

If you know other little indie games more or less famous, share them in the comments


  1. Enter the gungeon, mais bon il est tellement bon que tu connais surement déjà.

  2. Soutenez la FRANCE,
    Soutenez DEAD CELLS !
    PS: disponible partout

  3. Slay the spire (hybride de jeu de deckbuilding et de rogue-like, encore en early-access mais déjà très complet) est pas mal dans le genre. Une run complète peut prendre plusieurs heures, mais le jeu sauvegarde après chaque évènement. Les développeurs sont très actifs et communiquent bien (ce qui est important pour l’early access) et le jeu est vraiment très bien.
    (Pas la peine de me compter pour la clé, j’ai déjà trop de jeux)

  4. Unepic, la campagne solo est super drôle et le multi très sympa, tu peux même trouver des maps sur le workshop de steam

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