Créer des posts en deux langues sous wordpress

Several languages, What for?

As a part of my traffic is directed to my page via my games, I have some english speaking Readers.

So I was looking for a little plug-in that would allow me to post about my games in English as well.

Disadvantages of auto translation

I didn’t want a translation on the fly via google trad or anything else.

Because of all the translation inconsistencies, and especially with the slower display that this implies.

No, I just wanted to write some posts myself in English (although I grant you that, it doesn’t prevent translation inconsistencies either :p ).
And have the possibility to propose the same post in French or English depending on the language of the reader (French or foreign).

Obviously I didn’t want the small French/English flag (sooo web 1.0) either, but that the post automatically flip between languages according to the language of the web browser.

Which Plug-in to use for wordpress

Well, guess what ?

This plug in doesn’t exist. There are only very complete (but also very heavy) machine translation tools available.

As we are never better served than by ourselves, I had to create this damn plug in by myself and I present you :

Flip Lang

Very lightweight, the plug-in will simply hide the content of either tag depending on the language of your player’s browser.

We write an article in French for French readers, and we propose the same article in English for all other readers (whether they are English or Swedish for example).

You choose your original language in the admin panel :

You have the choice to write your entire post in French first and put the

(ol for Original Language) tags at the beginning and end of the post.

flip lang fonctionnement
flip lang en action

Then rewrite the same text below between the

(fl for Foreign Language) tags in another language.

Nothing prevents you from translating paragraph by paragraph, just to keep the same images for both texts.

(Installation notes into the zip file below)

By the way, this post is written in English and French, have you noticed it ?

(if so, there is a problem: p)

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